Essays on Canadian Architexts

by D.M.R. Bentley

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Logs to Riches: Architectural Form and Narrative in the Nineteenth Century

Chapter 3
Anna Jameson on the Thames, Upper Canada: the Emergent Structures of British North America

Chapter 4
Rising and Spreading Villages: the Architexts of New Settlements

Chapter 5
Past and Lintel: Houses and Memory

Chapter 6
The Centre in the Square: Civic Spaces and Places

Chapter 7
Northern Reflections: Architecture, Poetics, and Modernity in the Post-Confederation Period

Chapter 8
Viewing Platforms: the Watchtowers of Nationalism

Chapter 9
HypheNations: Canadian and Canadian-American Bridges

Chapter 10
“New Styles of Architecture, A Change of Heart?”: The Architexts of F.R. Scott and A.M. Klein

Chapter 11
Moving House(s): (Anti-) Modernity and Modernism

Chapter 12
“The Music of Rhyme, the Rhythm of Planes, the Shape Emblazoned”: Earle Birney’s West-Coast Architexts

Chapter 13
“ A Little North of Where the Cities Are”: the Poetics of Al Purdy’s Architecture

Chapter 14
“Me and the City That’s Never Happened Before”: Dionne Brand in Toronto

Chapter 15
Literature Architecture Community: Canada as It Was and Is

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