Literary Databases

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Online Compilation

A database compiled by the University of Pennsylvania of both historical and contemporary Canadian women writers. The site includes biographies, relevant links, and some textual access.


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John W. Garvin Text

Excerpts from a 1916 text, edited by John Garvin, highlighting the literary accomplishments of Canadian women. The text includes both poetry and scholarship/criticism.


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Online Guide to Writing in Canada

The principal feature of this web site is an exhaustive alphabetical listing of Canadian authors. For each writer, a list of works, awards, secondary criticism of their works, and annotated links to online resources are provided.


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Literature-Related Journals

This site provides a compilation of web links related to literary journals. While the portion of the site directed towards literature extends beyond journals, this section appears to contain the most scholarly links. Some of the other literature sub-classifications, such as “research” offer useful web sites.


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Canada’s Published Heritage

This site details primary sources in Canadian history from first European contact to the late 19th century. The database is particularly extensive in its documentation of English Canadian literature (with accounts of travel and discovery), women’s history, native studies, the history of French Canada, and 19th Century French Canadian literature. also provides online access to 3200 books and pamphlets.


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UNB Database

An online collection of full-text works of poetry and prose by early Canadian women writers, compiled by Dr. Wendy Robbins at the University of New Brunswick.


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Norbert H. Platz’s Bibliographical Guide for Study and Research

A PDF bibliographical guide based on an examination of major Canadian poetry anthologies, this guide is meant to be a bibliographical aid to those interested in studying “…the historical evolution of ecological thinking in Canada on the basis of poetry.”


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Canadian Poetry Archive

The Canadian Poetry archive features selected poetry from early French- and English- language Canadian poets. Additionally, for the most notable of these poets, informative biographies are provided.


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Canadian Literature Online
Northwest Passages is a virtual bookstore and information resource for readers, scholars, and students of Canadian fiction, poetry, drama, and literary criticism. The site includes a “news brief”, updated daily, documenting items of contemporary literary interest.


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CanLit Database at the University of Manitoba (currently unavailable)

The Canadian Literature Archive is an ongoing online project of the Department of English at the University of Manitoba. The project’s aims are as follows: to electronically reprint out-of-print, out-of-copyright Canadian works of fiction, poetry and drama, to provide bibliographies of Canadian writers, to provide biographical information about said writers, to compile a photo archive of images associated with Canadian Literature, to publish electronically the proceedings of conferences on Canadian literature held at the University of Manitoba, to provide announcements of upcoming literary conferences in Canada and abroad, and, finally, to publish an electronic journal devoted to Canadian prairie literature.


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The Canadian Literature Centre

CLC brings together researchers, authors, publishers, collectors and the reading public to promote the strength and diversity of Canada’s written culture. Their goal is to engage in scholarship, foster research, and promote public interest in Canadian literature. The site provides links to libraries and archives, Canadian journals, online texts and databases.


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Canadian Poets Online (currently unavailable)

This site provides biographical and bibliographical information for a great number of Canadian poets. Resources are organized alphabetically, by region, and by historical timeline.


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Canadian Poetry Online

This site contains two noteworthy portions: a database of contemporary Canadian poets, for whom biographies, bibliographies, full text poems, relevant links, and “writing philosophies” are provided, and a compilation of “Representative Poetry” – an international historical literary referent.