Early Canadian Long Poems

The Canadian Poetry Press has compiled a series of Early Canadian long poems from poets such as John Strachan, Cornwall Bayley and Isabella Valancy Crawford. Included are introductions, editorials, explanatory notes, and other supplementary for selected poems.

Early Canadian Long Poem Series:

Abram’s Plains Thomas Cary
Quebec Hill J. MacKay
Canada. A Descriptive Poem Cornwall Bayley
A Year in Canada and Other Poems Ann Cuthbert Knight
Talbot Road Adam Hood Burwell
The Charivari George Longmore
Jean Baptiste Levi Adams
The Rising Village Oliver Goldsmith
Wonders of the West* James Lynne Alexander
Tecumthe George Longmore
Tecumseh John Richardson
The Huron Chief Adam Kidd
The Witch of the Westcot* Andrew Shiels
The Emigrant Standish O’Grady
Niagara Falls James Knox Liston
The Emigrant Alexander McLachlan
Acadia Joseph Howe
The Emigrant John Newton
St. Lawrence and the Saguenay Charles Sangster
Malcolm’s Katie Isabella Valancy Crawford
The Story of an Affinity Archibald Lampman
Poetry John Strachan
The Red River Expedition* J. C. Major


Piggy (Snorton Critical Edition) Mrs. Walter Buchanan

* All titles are Canadian Poetry Press Editions except for those marked with an asterisk (*)