Price List


Early Canadian Long Poem Series:


Author Title
Adams, Levi Jean Baptiste $10.00
Bayley, Cornwall Canada $10.00
Burwell, Adam Hood Talbot Road $10.00
Cary, Thomas Abram’s Plains $10.00
Crawford, Isabella Valancy Malcolm’s Katie $12.00
Goldsmith, Oliver The Rising Village $10.00
Howe, Joseph Acadia $10.00
Kidd, Adam The Huron Chief $12.00
Lampman, Archibald The Story of an Affinity $10.00
Longmore, George The Charivari $12.00
Longmore, George Tecumthe $12.00
MacKay, J. Quebec Hill $10.00
McLachlan, Alexander The Emigrant $12.00
Newton, John The Emigrant $25.00
O’Grady, Standish The Emigrant $12.00
Richardson, John Tecumseh $12.00
Sangster, Charles St. Lawrence and the Saguenay $12.00
Strachan, John Poetry $17.00


Confederation Poetry: Texts and Contexts:


Author Title
Bentley, D.M.R. Early Long Poems on Canada $29.00
Campbell, Wanda, ed. Hidden Rooms: Early Canadian Women Poets $29.00
Carman, Bliss Letters to Margaret Lawrence $17.00
Hurst, Alexandra The War Amongst the Poets $17.00
Lampman, Archibald Essays and Reviews $35.00
Lampman, Archibald Fairy Tales $20.00
Roberts, Charles G.D. Orion, and Other Poems $25.00
Roberts, Theodore Goodridge That Far River: Selected Poems $25.00
Scott, Duncan Campbell Addresses, Essays, and Reviews (2 vols.) $75.00
Scott, Duncan Campbell The Uncollected Short Stories $25.00
Shrive, Norman The Voice of the Burdash: Charles Mair and the Divided Mind in Canadian Literature $25.00


Other Titles:


Author Title
Bentley, D.M.R. Mnemographia Canadensis (2 vols.) $75.00




Author Title
Buchanan, Mrs. Walter Piggy (Snorton Critical Edition) $20.00
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