Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 56 Spring/Summer 2005
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Volume No. 56 Spring/Summer 2005

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Rummagings, 3: A.M. Klein’s The Rocking Chair and Other Poems and Gabrielle Roy’s Bonheur d’occasion
by D.M.R. Bentley
**Note: The previous numbers of “Rummagings” appear in Canadian Poetry 51, 53, and 54.


“Speak to One Another with Psalms”: the Unity of A.M. Klein’s Psalter
by Angela Bick

“Paul Morin, maître sonnettiste”
by Henry Cohen

Domestic Science in the Poetry of Alice Major
by Neil Querengesser

Katherine Hale: “But now another one has come”
by Samara Walbohm


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The Lives of a Poet: the Correspondence of Earle Birney and Desmond Pacey, 1957-58
Edited, with an Introduction, by Tracy Ware


Some Writing in Some of Our Time
by Frank Davey

Fighting Words, a New Vision, and a Call to Arms
by W.J. Keith


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