Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 8 Spring/Summer 1981
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Volume No. 8 Spring/Summer 1981

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The Composition and Text of Joseph Howe’s Acadia
by M.G. Parks

“An Old-World Radiance”: Roberts’ Orion and Other Poems
L.R. Early

“The Clearer Self”: Lampman’s Transcendental-Visionary Development
by Ricard Arnold

Words After Music: A Musical Reading of Scott’s “Night Hymns on Lake Nipigon”
by Carolyn Roberts

Gary Geddes’ War and other Measures: An Analysis
by Donald R. Bartlett 


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Preview: An Introduction and Index
by Don Precosky


Birney (And His Age) in Focus
by W.J. Keith

Eggleston’s Literary Life
by Alfred Bailey

Davey on Dudek and Souster
by Bruce Whiteman

The Year’s Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1980
by Mary Ann Jameson


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