Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 3 Fall/Winter 1978
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Volume No. 3 Fall/Winter 1978

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The Rising Village Again
by W.J. Keith

The Political Poetry of Louis Riel: a Semiotic Study
by Glen Campbell

Charles G.D. Roberts’ “The Tantramar Revisited”
by William Strong

James De Mille as Mystic: a Reconsideration of Behind the Veil
by Patricia Monk

Malcolm’s Katie and Hugh and Ion: Crawford’s Changing Narrative Vision
by James F. Johnson

A Source for Duncan Campbell Scott’s “On the Way to the Mission”
by Leon Slonim

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A Soldier’s Progress: Some Military Records Pertaining to John Richardson, a Pioneer Canadian Poet and Novelist
by William F.E. Morley

“Canadian Poetry in its Relation to the Poetry of England and America” by Charles G.D. Roberts
Introduced by D.M.R. Bentley

An Interview with Dorothy Livesay
Conducted by Doug Beardsley and Rosemary Sullivan


Three Recent Tish Items
by Dennis Cooley

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