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[handwritten: With the compliments                           of the writer                                       Abner Cosens,                             […]

[illustration] [handwritten: mama’s Darling] [unnumbered page] Miscellaneous Poems BY ETHEL IMRIE CUTHBERTSON VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA 1914 [unnumbered page] Dedicated to my little daughter Helen [unnumbered page] POETRY, nature and love      A reflex of all that’s true;      My only anthem of life      Consists in my love of you. May love […]

[unnumbered page, includes illustration] [2 blank pages] AT THE SHRINE AND OTHER POEMS By GEORGE HERBERT CLARKE STEWART & KIDD COMPANY PUBLISHERS . . . CINCINNATI [unnumbered page] [handwritten: PS8505 L42A7 1914 CLARKE, G.H.] [stamp: 70363] COPYRIGHT, 1914, GEORGE HERBERT CLARKE [illustration] [unnumbered page] NOTE      The poems contained in this volume were written, for […]

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The Death of Dollard And Other Poems By John Boyd Montreal 1914 [unnumbered page] To John Reade As a slight appreciation of his invariable kindness, this booklet is respectfully dedicated to Dr. John Reade, poet and scholar, to whose generous encouragement the author owes any success that he may have achieved in the literary field. […]

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[blank page] HER SOLDIER DEAD And other Verse By SAMUEL VERSHOYLE BLAKE Whatever proceeds may accrue to the writer from the sale of these verses will go to The Red Cross Fund or to the Belgian Relief Fund. 25 Cents [unnumbered page] COME, BUY 1 These verses they were written, By one who had no […]

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[2 blank pages] DAWN EAST AND WEST [illustration] Illustrated by W. Francis Casey by Charles A Barclay [unnumbered page] The spacious firmament on high, With all the blue ethereal sky, And spangled heavens, a shining frame, Their great Original proclaim. TO THE PATHFINDERS OF CANADA THIS WORK Is Respectfully Dedicated BY THE AUTHOR. TORONTO: THE […]

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POEMS OF ARMAGEDDON By A.M. W. and E. P. F. Alice M. Winlow and E. P. Fewster VANCOUVER SUN JOB PRINT 1914 [unnumbered page] [blank page] WELL DONE, BELGIUM O, PEOPLE of the Belgian land, E’en as ye met great Caesar’s hosts So now ye meet the Hun. Fronting his horrid swarms ye stand Undaunted, […]

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[blank page] SELECT PATHETIC AND THRILLING POEMS PAMPHLET FORM BY WILLIAM SHIRE WILSON JULY 29TH, 1914                            HAMILTON, ONTARIO PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS EACH [unnumbered page] [blank page] LOVE FOR GOD. The elements of emotion of human heart Echo and re-echo with throbs of joy, happiness surpassed. The name of God when spoken stirs the heart and […]

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