Editions of Early Canadian Poems

Annapolis Royal
Roger Viets (1788)

Abram’s Plains
Thomas Cary (1789)

The Union of Taste and Science
Stephen Dickson (1799)

“Verses… 1802”
John Strachan (1802)

Talbot Road
Adam Hood Burwell (1818)

The Rising Village
Oliver Goldsmith (1825, 1834)

The Burning City
Arthur Slader (1837)

St. Lawrence and the Saguenay
Charles Sangster (1856)

The U.E. A Tale of Upper Canada
William Kirby (1859)

The Beauties of Belleville
T.J. Breeze (1864)

Joseph Howe (1874)

Guelph’s Fiftieth Anniversary. A Poem
A.E.L. Treleaven (1877)

Malcolm’s Katie
Isabella Valancy Crawford (1884)

The Building of the Bridge
Barry Straton (1887)