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The Psalms of the Apocalypse

The Apocalypse,


REV. D. B. BLAIR, D. D.,
Barney’s River.

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The Apocalypse,


REV. D. B. BLAIR, D. D.,
Barney’s River.

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[handwritten: 5011 – Mar. 22/20]
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The Coming of Christ. REV. 1:5-9.

1   To him that loved us with great love,
         And wash’d us in his blood
     From all our sins, and made us kings,
         And holy priests to God.
2    To him be glory evermore;
         All honor to his name,
     His kingdom shall endure for aye:
         His praise let all proclaim.

3   Behold he comes with snow-white clouds,
         Him ev’ry eye shall see,
     They also that have pierc’d his side
         Shall look and trembling be.
4   All kindreds of the earth shall wail
         When they shall see his face,
     Because his mercy they despis’d,
         And spurn’d his offer’d grace.

5   I Alpha am and Omega,
         I first and last am He,
     Th’ Almighty Lord, who was and is,
       And evermore shall be.


The Throne, or Song of Creation. REV. 4: 4-11

1   In heav’n are four and twenty seats,
         Around the throne of light
     Where elders sit with crowns of gold
         And robes of purest white.
2   In midst of the eternal throne,
         And round it, one may find
     Four living beings full of eyes,
         Before them and behind.

3   They have no rest by day or night,
         Continually they sing,
     Most holy, holy, holy, Lord
         Almighty God and King.
4   From everlasting thou hast been,
         And thou art still the same,
     And through eternity to come
         Jehovah is thy name. [unnumbered page]

5   The elders then shall prostrate fall
         Before the eternal one;
     In worship they shall bow, and cast
         Their crowns before the throne.
6   Thou worthy art, Lord, to receive
         All glory, honor, might,
     For thou hast made all things, thy will
         Has ordered them aright.


The Lamb Opening the Sealed Book, or the Song of Redemption. REV. 5:6-14.

1   The elders and the living ones
         Around the throne of God,
     A new song sing unto the Lamb
         Who thought them with his blood.
2   Thou worthy art to take the book,
         The book of God’s decrees,
     And open up the seals thereof,
         With all its mysteries.

3   For thou wast slain, and hast redeem’d
         Us with thy blood to God,
     From ev’ry kindred, race and tongue
         On earth that hath abode.
4   Thou hast redeem’d us with thy blood
         Shed on the cursed tree,
     And made us kings and priests to God,
         On earth to reign with thee.

5   From ev’ry nation, people, tribe,
         In isles and every land,
     Thy chosen ones are gathered in
         By thine almighty hand.
6   Ten thousand times ten thousand stand
         Of angels round the throne,
     And join the ransom’d of the Lord
         To praise himself alone.

7   Worthy the Lamb, that once was slain
         Of glory, honor, might;
     All power, wisdom, riches, praise,
         Belong to him by right. [page 4]

8   All who abide in heav’n above,
         And on the earth below,
     All under ground and in the sea,
         His praises forth do show.

9   To him who sits upon the throne,
         And to the Lamb be praise,
     For ever and for evermore,
         O sing to him always.


The Heavenly Vision. REV. 7:9-13-17.

1   Behold a happy multitude
         Whose number is unknown,
     From ev’ry nation, tongue and tribe,
         Now stand before the throne.
2   In snow-white robes array’d they stand
         Before the Lamb on high,
     And carry palms in every hand,
         While thus they sing and cry.

3   “Salvation be unto our God,
         Who sitteth on the throne,
     And to the Lamb who died to save
         His chosen flock, his own.”
4   Who are these happy spirits there
         Arrayed in robes of white?
     Whence came they to the realms of day
         Where now they shine so bright?

5   They came from persecutions great,
         From trials here below;
     In the Lamb’s blood they wash’d their robes
         And made them white as snow.
6   They therefore stand before the throne
         Of God, their Lord and King,
     And in his temple day and night,
         His praises loudly sing.

7   And he that sitteth on the throne
         Shall dwell with them for aye;
     His tabernacle he will spread
         Above them night and day. [page 5]
8   They shall not suffer hunger now,
         Nor thirst for evermore;
     The sun shall not them strike by day,
         Nor heat afflict them sore.

9   The Lamb amidst the throne shall be
         Their shepherd and their guide,
     Where streams of living waters flow,
         And all their wants provide.
10 Their sorrows now are at an end,
         They live in endless day;
     And ev’ry tear from ev’ry eye
         Their God shall wipe away.


Millennial Song. REV. 11:15-18.

1   Great voices are in heaven heard,
         And thus they say and sing,
     “The kingdoms of this world belong
         Unto our Lord and King.
2   And to Messiah whom he set
         As king on Sion Hill;
     And he shall reign for evermore;
        For all obey his will.”

3   The four and twenty elders then,
        Who sit around the throne,
     Fall on their face before the Lord,
         And worship him alone.
4   “We give thee thanks, Almighty God,
         O Lord, always the same,
     Who art, and wast, and art to come:
        Jehovah is thy name.

5   Thy great and mighty power thou
         Hast taken unto thee:
     Thy reign is universal now
         And evermore shall be.
6   The heathen angry were, but now
         Thy wrath is come to them,
     The time of judgment for the dead,
         Who witness’d in thy name. [page 6]

7   To give the prophets and the saints,
         Thy servants, their reward;
     And all who fear thee, small and great,
         Who thy great name regard.
8   And to destroy the faithless crew,
         Who did the earth defile
     With their abominations foul,
         And Idols false and vile.”


The Dragon’s Overthrow. REV. 12:10-12.

1   A loud voice was in heaven heard
         And singing with delight,
     “Our God’s salvation now is come,
         His kingdom and his might,
2   The power of his Christ is shown,
         His lawful right to reign;
     His enemies are overthrown,
         With all their projects vain.

3   The adversary who accus’d
         Our brethren with despite,
     Before our God by night and day,
         Is cast down from his height.
4   The great Red Dragon is cast out,
         His hosts are overthrown;
     A place for them is found no more,
         In heaven as their own.

5   They overcame him by the blood
         Of Christ the Lamb of God,
     And by their witness for the truth,
         While they on earth abode.
6   Their lives they loved not unto death,
         Because they loved their Lord,
     Therefore, ye heavens with your hosts,
         Rejoice with one accord.”


The Harpers on Mount Zion. REV. 14:1-5.

1   On Zion Mount there stood the Lamb,
         With him a chosen band;
     Twelve times twelve thousand happy souls,
         Redeem’d from ev’ry land. [page 7]
2   Upon their foreheads was incrib’d
         His own and Father’s name;
     Each one was furnish’d with a harp
         His praises to proclaim.

3   The new song of salvation
         They sung before the throne;
     That mystic song no man can learn
         Except themselves alone.
4   These holy ones were not defil’d,
         For they are virgins pure;
     The Lamb they follow where he leads,
         In all his footsteps sure.

5   They bought were from among mankind,
         As first fruits unto God,
     And to the Lamb who had redeem’d,
         Them with his precious blood.
6   No guile is found within their mouth,
         Nor any lie at all;
     Before the throne they have no fault,
         Nor blemish great or small.

7   The elders and four living ones,
         Around the throne on high,
     Unite with them to praise the Lamb
         Who came for them to die.


The Happy Death. REV. 14:31.

1   From henceforth blessed are the dead
         Who die in Christ the Lord
     They lived for him while they were here,
         According to his word.
2   Yea saith the Spirit, they shall rest,
         From labor and from pain;
     Their works shall also follow them
         To their eternal gain.

3   For all who do in Jesus sleep,
         Shall go to God on high,
     And be with him for evermore,
         At rest in love and joy. [page 8]


The Harpers by the Glassy Sea. REV. 15:2-4.

1   A sea of glass mingled with fire
         Was seen in heaven above,
     Where victors with the harps of God
         Stood by to praise his love.
2   The Song of Moses and the Lamb,
         They sing with one accord;
     Great are thy works and marvelous,
         O’ Thou Almighty Lord.

3   O! Thou Eternal King of Saints,
         Thy ways are just and true;
     Who shall not feat and give to thee
         The glory that is due.
4   Thou only holy art; for all
         The nations come and bow
     Before thee, for thou hast made known
         Thy righteous judgements now.


Just Judgement. REV. 16:5-7.

1   Lord thou art righteous, Thou who art,
         Who wast, and who shalt be;
     Thou holy one, for thou hast judg’d
         As just it seemed to thee.
2   The blood of prophets and of saints,
         They shed abundantly;
     And thou hast given them to drink
         Of blood deservedly.

3   A voice was from the altar heard,
         O Lord, Almighty God,
     Thy judgements are both just and true,
         In all the world abroad.


Triumphant Song, Babylon’s Overthrow. REV. 19:1-5.

1   In heav’en a multitude was heard
         With voices loud to sing,
     Now, Hallelujah! praise the Lord,
         The Mighty God, our King. [page 9]

2   Salvation, honour, glory, might,
         Belong to God, our Lord;
     His judgements righteous are and true,
         According to his word.

3   The Great Apostate he hath judg’d,
         Which did the earth defile,
     With her abominations foul,
         Her idols vain and vile.
4   He hath aveng’d the blood of saints
         His servants at her hand;
     A double judgement she receives
         By his divine command.

5   Give praise and honour to our God
         All ye his servants true:
     Give ye that fear him, small and great,
         The glory that is due.


Epithalamium, or Nuptial Song. REV. 19:6-8.

1   The voice of a great multitude
         Was heard in heaven round,
     As when the mighty thunders roll,
         Or many waters sound.
2   Hallelujah! th’ Almighty Lord,
         Our God doth reign as king:
     Let us be glad and all rejoice,
         And glory to him bring.

3   The marriage of the Lamb is come,
         The bride shall now prepare,
     In linen fine, both bright and pure,
         She is array’d with care.
4   This spotless linen, white and clean,
         In which she walks abroad,
     Consists of all the righteous acts
         Of holy men of God.

5   Blessed are they whom God invites
         Unto the marriage feast.
     The marriage supper of the Lamb;
         Our everlasting Priest. [page 10]


The New Creation. REV. 21:1-7.

1   New heavens and new earth appear,
         The first are pass’d away;
     There shall no more be any sea
         To hinder or dismay.
2   The New Jerusalem, the free,
         From heaven down has come;
     The holy city of our God,
         Our everlasting home.

3   She is prepared as a bride
         Adorn’d to meet her Lord,
     Bedeck’d with pearls and precious stones,
         As stated in his word.
4   A voice from the eternal throne
         Thus loudly did proclaim,
     God’s tabernacle is with men;
         And he will dwell with them.

5   And they shall be a people dear
         To him without recall;
     Yea God himself will be with them,
         Their God through ages all.
6   And ev’ry tear from all their eyes,
         Their God shall wipe away;
     There shall be no more death, nor grief
         Nor wail, nor toil for aye.

7   The former things are pass’d away,
         For ever from our view,
      He saith, who sitteth on the throne,
         Lo! I make all things new.
8   I Alpha am and Omega
         The first, the last, the same,
     Duration centres all in me,
         I Am is my great name.

9   On him that is athirst and comes,
         I freely will bestow
     The living water from the spring
         Which never fails to flow. [page 11]

10  He shall inherit all these things
         Who victory hath won;
      And I will be to him his God,
         And he shall be my son.


The New Jerusalem. REV. 21:21-26.

1   Jerusalem the happy home
         Of all the sons of grace;
     The city of the living God
         Where dwells the chosen race,
2   Is now descending from the skies,
         Most beautiful and bright:
     God’s glory shines within its walls
         Resplendent as the light.

3   Its broad street is of purest gold,
         All holy, clear and clean,
     Or as it were transparent glass;
         No dross is found therein.
4   In it no temple can be seen;
         Its temple is the Lord,
     Almighty God, with Him the Lamb,
         Th’ Eternal Son, His Word.

5   It needeth not the sun by day,
         Nor moon to shine by night;
     God’s glory lightens it; the Lamb
         Its lamp, shall give it light.
6   By day its gates are never shut,
         No night is there at all,
     But one long everlasting day;
         No darkness there can fall.

7   The righteous nations gladly walk
         By its celestial light:
     The kings their glory to it bring,
         Their honor and their might.
 8   No lies, no vileness enters there
         Nor anything unclean;
     Those only in the book of life
         Of Jesus can get in. [page 12]


The Heavenly Paradise. REV. 22:1-5.

1   A river, clear as crystal, full
         Of living waters pure,
     Proceeds from God’s throne and the Lamb’s
         And ever shall endure.
2   In midst of the broad street thereof,
         In Paradise within,
     On each side of the river there,
         The tree of life is seen.

3   This tree doth bear twelve crops of fruit,
         In ev’ry month it grows,
     Its leaves intended are to heal
         The nations from their woes.
4   There shall no more be any curse;
         The throne of God is there,
     The Lamb’s throne also there shall be,
         To free them from all care.

5   His servants do him service shall,
         And they shall see his face;
     They on their foreheads have his name
         Engraven by his grace.
6   They need no candle-light, there shall
         No more be any night;
     The sun they shall not need by day,
         To shine or give them light.

7   The Lord their God shall give them light,
         His glory they shall see;
     And they shall reign with him above
         To all eternity.


Coming to Judgment. REV. 22:12-14.

1   Behold I quickly come to judge,
         And my reward with me,
     To render to each man his due,
         Such as his work shall be.
2   I Alpha am and Omega,
         I am the first and last,
     I’m the beginning and the end,
         Of all things that exist. [page 13]

3   Blessed are they that wash their robes,
         Avoiding sin and strife,
     That they may have the right to come
         Unto the tree of life.
4   And they shall enter by the gates
         Into the holy place,
     The city of the living God,
         To stand before his face. [page 14]

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