Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 59 Fall/Winter 2006
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Volume No. 59 Fall/Winter 2006

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Title Page
Copyright, Acknowledgements
Table of Contents


by David A. Kent and Katherine M. Quinsey


Her Moment, Ours
by George Bowering

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Irony in Avison’s Winter Sun
by Brent Wood

Avison and the Postmodern 1960s
by Jason Wiens

Composing a Book: Denise Levertov, Margaret Avison, and The Dumbfounding
by David A. Kent

Avison at Western: Writing at the Limits of Vision
by Donald S. Hair

Groundhog Day
by John B. Lee

“A Tangle of Vegetation”: Suffering in Margaret Avison’s “Jo Poems”
by John C. Van Rys

Ongoingness and Nearer Farness: The Place of “Too Towards Tomorrow: New Poems” in Always Now: The Collected Poems
by Gordon Johnston

Margaret Avison on Natural History: Ecological and Biblical Meditations
by Robert James Merrett

“Our own little rollicking orb”: Divinity, Ecology, and Otherness in Avison”
by Katherine M. Quinsey

He From Elsewhere Speaks: Avison’s Spiritualized Syntax”
by Carmine Starnino

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