Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 53 Fall/Winter 2003
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Volume No. 53 Fall/Winter 2003

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Title Page
Copyright, Acknowledgements
Table of Contents


Rummagings 2: Stephen Leacock
by D.M.R. Bentley
**Note: The previous number of “Rummagings” appears in Canadian Poetry 51


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The Poetry of Alden Nowlan: a Critical Reassessment
by W.J. Keith

F.R. Scott and Social Justice in the 1930s
by Robert G. May

Politics, Gender, and New Provinces: Dorothy Livesay and F.R. Scott
by Peggy Kelly

“The Battle Done”: Reading the Military Father in the Poems of P.K. Page
by Tanis MacDonald


Marie Joussaye’s “Labor’s Greeting” (1901)
by Carole Gerson


Purdy’s Reputation
by George Bowering

Dining Out with the Footnote Crowd
by Renée Hulan


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