Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 48 Spring/Summer 2001
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Volume No. 48 Spring/Summer 2001

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Title Page
Copyright, Acknowledgements
Table of Contents


On the Confederation Poets’ Companionship with Nature: Archibald Lampman
by D.M.R. Bentley


A Preface for the Classical: Notes on the Art of Don Coles
by W.J. Keith

Mourning in the Burned House: Margaret Atwood and the Modern Elegy
by Sara Jamieson

On the Cutting Edge: Ian Tyson—Cutting Records, Cutting Horses, Cutting Crap
by Lisa Mendonça


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Mary Buchanan and James McIntyre Award Winner


This is Not a Biography: Pauline Johnson and the Process of National Identity
by Shelley Hulan

Modernizing Pratt
by Glenn Willmott

The Christian Pratt
by David A. Kent

What Moss Means Now
by Julie Rak


Canadian Literature – A Quarterly of Criticism and Review


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