Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 46 Spring/Summer 2000
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Volume No. 46 Spring/Summer 2000

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Al Purdy (December 30, 1918-April 21, 2000)
by D.M.R. Bentley


Effacing “Mem’ry’s Page”: the Agon between Orality and Literacy in Adam Kidd’s The Huron Chief
by Kelly McGuire

Paddled by Pauline
by Glenn Willmott

Re-Membering the (W)holes: Counter-memory, Collective Memory, and Bergsonian Time in Anne Michaels’ Miner’s Pond
by Kimberly Verwaayen


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A Signed Photograph of Mrs. Walter (Mary) Buchanan
by Mortimer Cropper


Voice of the Nation
by Jon Kertzer

No Man Is an Island
by James Doyle

The Unmaking of Modern Poetry in Canada
by Tracy Ware

Closing the Gap Between Word and World
by Susie O’Brien


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