Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 44 Spring/Summer 1999
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Volume No. 44 Spring/Summer 1999

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Canadian Poetry Online
by D.M.R. Bentley


The Rhetoric of Emancipation in Canadian Public Poetry: from Tom MacInnes to Tom Wayman
by Alexander Kizuk

Stretch Marks: Conceivable Entries into bpNichol’s Selected Organs
by Mark Libin


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How I Wrote One Of My Poems
by George Bowering

William Robe, Quebec
Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by D.M.R. Bentley


Life of Johnson: from Biography to Celebration
by Shelley Hulan

Rhetoric(s) of Self-Definition in the Early Long Poem
by Gerald Lynch

Imagining ‘Us’: Power, Justice and Community in Canadian Literature
by John N. McDougall


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