Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 43 Fall/Winter 1998
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Volume No. 43 Fall/Winter 1998

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Tony Harrison’s “The Mother of the Muses”
by D.M.R. Bentley


A “Little World” in Decadence: Marjorie Pickthall’s Poems on Nature and on Religion
by Anne Compton

Ezra Pound, Bliss Carman, and Richard Hovey
by Leon Surette

A.M. Klein and the “Fibbiest Fabricator of Them All”
by Darlene Kelly

Upsetting an Already Unquiet Bed: Contextualizing Dorothy Livesay’s “Zambia”
by Antje M. Rauwerda


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Charles G.D. Roberts and Healey Willan: a Collaboration
by F.R.C. Clarke and R.S. Kilpatrick


Phyllis Webb, Reader Trouble, and Gender Trouble
by W.J. Keith


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