Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 40, Spring/Summer, 1997
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Volume No. 40, Spring/Summer, 1997

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by D.M.R. Bentley


“AND Quebec”: Canadian Literature and the Quebec Question

by Frank Davey

A Native Paradise: John Richardson’s Tecumseh
by Wanda Campbell

Phoenix from the Ashes: Lorna Crozier and Margaret Avison in Contemporary Mourning
by Deborah Bowen

Roughing It In the Bush: Patterns of Emigration and Settlement in Susanna Moodie’s Poetry
by Elizabeth Thompson

“For My Own Damn Satisfaction”: the Communist Poetry of Milton Acorn
by James Doyle


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A Missed Literary Source for Charles G.D. Roberts’ “Out of Pompeii” (1881)
by Ross S. Kilpatrick


The Simple Facts of the Case and Other Strange Things
by Peter J. Mitham

Murder on the Atwood Express
by I.S. MacLaren

Sometimes a Great Notion
by Jon Stover

And the Voice of the Pig Shall Be Heard in the Land
by A.J.M. Zchmidt


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