Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 5 Fall/Winter 1979
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Volume No. 5 Fall/Winter 1979

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Reginald Eyre Watters (1912-1979)
by Carl F. Klinck


Thomas Cary’s Abram’s Plains (1789) and Its “Preface”
by D.M.R. Bentley

Some Notes on the Montreal Literary Scene in the Mid-1820’s
by Mary Lu MacDonald

Roberts’ “Tantramar Revisited”: Another View
by David Jackel

Lampman Among the Timothy
by Kathy Mezei

Canadian Poetry and American Magazines, 1885-1905
by James Doyle


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Kenneth Leslie: A Biographical Introduction
by Burris Devanney

Kenneth Leslie: A Preliminary Bibliography
Compiled by Burris Devanney, Sandra Campbell and Domenico Di Nardo


New Additions to the Canon of Maritime Satire
by Thomas E. Tausky

An Early Canadian Reprint
by E.J. Devereux

L’Avarice de la Terre
by J.M. Kertzer

Marshall on the Poetic Tradition in English
by R.P. Bilan

Margaret’s Malahat
by Linda Hutcheon


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