Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 38 Spring/Summer 1996
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Volume No. 38 Spring/Summer 1996

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The Politics and Poetics of Old Houses
by D.M.R. Bentley


“time is, the delta”: Steveston in Historical and Ecological Context
by Diana M.A. Relke

Watson and Pierce’s Our Canadian Literature Anthology and the Representation of Nation
by Robert Lecker

Neurotic Affiliations: Klein, Layton, Cohen, and the Properties of Influence
by Michael Q. Abraham


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Susanna Moodie and Sir George Arthur
by Michael Peterman


Shift Work: Douglas Barbour’s Michael Ondaatje
by Manina Jones

A New Biography of Isabella Valancy Crawford
by Catherine Sheldrick Ross

You Can Call Me Lenny: Ira Nadell’s Leonard Cohen
by Peter Jaeger


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