Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 37 Fall/Winter 1996
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Volume No. 37 Fall/Winter 1996

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by D.M.R. Bentley


E.J. Pratt: Apostle of the Techno/Corporate Culture?
by R.D. MacDonald

Postscript for “Letters at Salonika”
by Mééira Cook

Crawford, David, and Riel: Text and Intertext in Hugh and Ion
by Robert Alan Burns

“There Was One Thing He Could Not See”: William Morris in the Writing of Archibald Lampman and Francis Sherman
by Karen Herbert


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Arthur Symons’ Reviews of Bliss Carman
Edited and Introduced by Tracy Ware


New Canadian Modernist Studies
by Brian Trehearne

Floating Voice, Troubled Waters: Stan Dragland on D.C. Scott
by Sandra Campbell

Feminist Poet-Critics on Sex, Love, and Motherhood
by Diana M.A. Relke


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