Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 35 Fall/Winter 1994
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Volume No. 35 Fall/Winter 1994

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Thomas Moore’s Construction of Upper Canada in “Ballad Stanzas”
by D.M.R. Bentley


Tracing a Terrestrial Vision in the Early Work of P.K. Page
by Diana M.A. Relke

“The Casket of Truth”: the Social Significance of Susanna Moodie’s Spiritual Dilemmas
by John Thurston

Dilworth’s “Great Scholastic Fame”: Thomas Dilworth and The Rising Village
by Michele Holmgren

Imitations of Wordsworth in A.M. Klein’s “Autobiographical”
by Kerry McSweeney


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The Canadian Worker Poet: the Life and Writings of Joe Wallace
by James Doyle

The Face of Charles Heavysege
by Sandra Campbell


The Thesis and the Book
by Tracy Ware

Reception, Difference, and the ‘Documentary-Collage’
by Peter Jaeger

“Selecting P.K. Page”
by Cynthia Messenger


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