Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 31 Fall/Winter 1992
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Volume No. 31 Fall/Winter 1992

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The Future of Canadian Poetry, 2
by D.M.R. Bentley


The Later Poetry of George Johnston
by W.J. Keith

Reconstructing the Wilderness: Margaret Atwood’s Reading of Susanna Moodie
by Susan Johnston

Re-visioning Documentary Readings of Anne Marriott’s The Wind Our Enemy
by Anne Geddes Bailey

Lesbian Self-Naming in Daphne Marlatt’s Ana Historic
by Céline Chan

Redeeming Riel
by Lois Drew

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First-Person Feminine: Margaret Day Surrey
by Patricia Whitney

Elsie Pomeroy and Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
by John Coldwell Adams


The Language of Paradox
by Manina Jones

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