Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 24 Spring/Summer 1989
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Volume No. 24 Spring/Summer 1989

In Memoriam

Nor shall his name be e’er forgot
—Adam Kidd,
The Huron Chief

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In Memoriam, Charles R. Steele, 1944-1987
by D.M.R. Bentley


Thomas Moore in Canada and Canadian Poetry
by D.M.R. Bentley


Wiseman’s Old Woman at Play and the Structure of Enigma
by J.M. Kertzer

Carman’s “Shelley” and Roberts’ “Ave”
by Susan Glickman

A Stereotype as Immigrant: Re-reading Jephthah’s Daughter
by Sister M.L. McKenzie

To Scavenge and Invent: the Shamanic Journey in Don McKay’s Lependu
by Laurie Kruk


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Further Light on a Life: George Longmore in Cape Colony
by Mary Lu MacDonald

Frank Prewett: a Fragment of Biography
by Carol W. Fullerton


When is a Reprint not a Reprint?
by I.S. MacLaren

Pratt Twayned
by J.M. Kertzer

Unlocking Avison’s Lexicon
by J.M. Zezulka

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