Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 22 Spring/Summer 1988
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Volume No. 22 Spring/Summer 1988

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Klein’s Translations of Moyshe Leib Halpern: a Problem of Jewish Modernism
by Linda Rozmovits

Daddy’s Girl: Dorothy Livesay’s Correspondence
by Pamela Banting

“The Need that Irks”: Roberts’ Sonnets in Songs of the Common Day
by Don Precosky

Discourse and Method: Narrative Strategy in George Bowering’s West Window
by Terry Whalen

Through the Son: an Explication of Margaret Avison’s “Person”
by C. David Mazoff


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Byron on Wordsworth: Light and Occasional Verse in Scott/Aylen Papers
by Stan Dragland

A Conversation with P.K. Page
by John Orange


Woodcock’s Northern Spring
by Brian Trehearne

A Romantic Lampman
by D.M.R. Bentley


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