Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 21 Fall/Winter 1987
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Volume No. 21 Fall/Winter 1987

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A Clutch of Pertinent Snippets
by D.M.R. Bentley


Telling it Over Again: Atwood’s Art of Parody
by Barbara Godard

One Man’s Access to Prophecy: the Sonnet Series of Frank Oliver Call
by R. Alex Kizuk

The Canadian Imprint of George Cartwright’s “Labrador”—a Bibliographical Ghost
by Ronald Rompkey

From the Hazel Bough of Yeats: Birney’s Masterpiece
by David Latham


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Lorne Pierce’s 1927 Interview with Charles G.D. Roberts (as Reported by Margaret Lawrence)
by Terry Whalen

Sir Charles G.D. Roberts: Post Biography
by John Caldwell Adams

Preliminaries for a Life of Standish O’Grady
by Brian Trehearne

The Idea of a Poem: an Interview with Milton Acorn
by Jon Pearce


Scott and Indian Affairs
by Stan Dragland

Quilting—a Spiral of Experience
by R. Alex Kizuk

The Livesay Papers
by Catherine Sheldrick Ross


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