Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 19 Fall/Winter 1986
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Volume No. 19 Fall/Winter 1986

Poetry of Mid-Century and Patrick Anderson

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A Sense of the Medium: the Poetry of A.G. Bailey
by M. Travis Lane

Prosodic Signification in the Longer Poems of Klein’s Hath Not a Jew
by Susan Gingell

From Oxford to Montreal: Patrick Anderson’s Political Development
by Patricia Whitney

“A Game’s Stances”: Questions of Language and Unity in Klein’s “The Provinces”
by Robin Edwards Davies
Literary Theory in the Classroom: Three Views of P.K. Page’s “The Permanent Tourists”

by Laurie Ricou

Devouring Eyes in “The Permanent Tourists” and Cry Ararat!
by Kay Stockholder

Teaching P.K. Page’s “The Permanent Tourists”
by Shirley Neuman

“A Subtle Mourning”: P.K. Page’s “The Permanent Tourists”
by D.M.R. Bentley


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En Masse: an Introduction and an Index
by Patricia Whitney

An Interview with F.R. Scott
by Michael Heenan


Milieu and the Individual Talent
by J.M. Zezulka

An Unfinished Monument for Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
by Ed Jewinski

Lecker’s Kroetsch
by Leon Surette

Solecki’s Ondaatje
by Alice Van Wart

Charles G.D. Roberts and the Uses of Biography
by Tracy Ware

Fetherling and the Reviewing of Canadian Poetry
by Alexandre L. Amprimoz


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