Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 18 Spring/Summer 1986
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Volume No. 18 Spring/Summer 1986

Poetry in Ontario: Diversity, Reappraisal, Continuity

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Boxing the Compass: Ontario’s Geopoetics
by D.M.R. Bentley


Regions and Eras in Ontario Poetry
by Elizabeth Waterston

Finch’s Early Poetry and the Dandy Manner
by Brian Trehearne

Canadian Poetry in the ‘Twenties: Dialectics and Prophecy in W.W.E. Ross’s Laconics and Sonnets
by A.R. Kizuk

“The Progress of Illumination”: The Design and Unity of David Helwig’s Catchpenny Poems
by Lorraine M. York

Healing the Wound: Cultural Compromise in D.C. Scott’s “A Scene at Lake Manitou”
by Janice C. Simpson


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Here and Now: A Note and an Index
by Bruce Whiteman

Secure in Conscious Worth: Susanna Moodie and the Rebellion of 1837
by Carl Ballstadt

“New” Poems of Adam Hood Burwell
by Mary Lu MacDonald


The McGregor Syndrome; or, the Survival of Isolated Butterflies on Rocks in the Haunted Wilderness of the Unnamed Bush Garden Beyond the Land Itself
by I.S. MacLaren

Keith’s Canadian Literature
by D.M.R. Bentley

State of the Art?
by Brian Trehearne

Biblia Abiblia

by E.J. Devereux

The Year’s Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1985
by Mary Ann Jameson


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