Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 16 Spring/Summer 1985
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Volume No. 16 Spring/Summer 1985

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From Apocalypse to Black Mountain: the Contexts of Layton’s Early Criticism
by Erwin Wiens

John Frederic Herbin: A Reconsideration
by F. Ross Large

Archibald Lampman and Hamlin Garland
by James Doyle

An Unimpoverished Style: the Poetry of George Elliot Clake
by Travis Lane


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Frederick Philop Grove’s “The Dirge”
by Terrence Craig


Two Views of The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature:

  • by Robin Mathews
  • by Eli Mandel

    The Sir Charles G.D. Roberts Symposium: Reappraising a Reappraisal
    by W.J. Keith

    A Great Knowledge of Hebrew Tradition
    by Usher Caplan

    The Year’s Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1984
    by Mary Ann Jameson


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