Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 15 Fall/Winter 1984
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Volume No. 15 Fall/Winter 1984

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Crawford and Gounod: Ambiguity and Irony in Malcolm’s Katie
by Robert Alan Burns

Personality and Authority: A.M. Klein’s Self-Portrait
by J.M. Kertzer

Anne Marriott: Frontier Poet
by Andrew Stubbs and Jeanette Seim


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James De Mille’s “Class Poem 1854”
by Patricia Monk


Eidolatry: Criticism and Colonial Canadian Literature
by Charles R. Steele

A Dramatic Story Missed
by Wynne Francis

A New Slang or a Modern?
by J.M. Zezulka

The Achievements of F.R. Scott
by Tracy Ware


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