Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 11 Fall/Winter 1982
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Volume No. 11 Fall/Winter 1982

In Memoriam

A.J.M. Smith died on November 21, 1980. His place in our literary history is secure for all time.
— F.R. Scott

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Citation of A.J.M. Smith
by Ralph Gustafson


The Legacy of A.J.M. Smith
by Peter Stevens

A.J.M. Smith’s Revisions to His Poems
by Michael Darling

Not of Things Only, But of Thoughts: Notes on A.J.M. Smith’s Imagistic Poems
by D.M.R. Bentley

“To Hold in a Poem”: Tension and Balance in A.J.M. Smith’s Verse
by Roderick Wilson Harvey

The Beginnings of Canadain Modernism
by Ken Norris

The Young Turks: A Biographer’s Comment
by Patricia Morley

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An Interview with A.J.M. Smith
by Michael Heenan

A.J.M. Smith: A Personal Memoir
by F.R. Scott

The “I” in A.J.M. Smith
by Leon Edel

A Few Pages in the History of Canadian Literature
by W.E. Collin

Some Annotated Letters of A.J.M. Smith and Raymond Knister
by Anne Burke


Waiting for the Critical Phoenix
by Peter Stevens

An Annotated Bibliography of A.J.M. Smith
by I.S. MacLaren


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