Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 10 Spring/Summer 1982
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Volume No. 10 Spring/Summer 1982

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George Longmore’s The Charivari: A Poem “After the Manner of Beppo”
by Tracy Ware

Joseph Howe’s Acadia: Document of a Divided Sensibility
by Susan Gingell-Beckmann

Al Purdy’s Contemporary Pastoral
by D.G. Jones

Here is Us: The Topocentrism of Canadian Literary Criticism
by Leon Surette


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Frederick Phillip Grove’s “Poems”
by Terrence Craig

Errors in The Collected Poems of A.M. Klein
by Zailig Pollock

Souvenirs of Some: P.K. Page Responding to a Questionnaire
by Michael Heenan


Aspects of the Indian in Canadian Literature
by A.G. Bailey

Carman’s Unelusive Glories
by D.M.R. Bentley

A Portrait of A.M. Klein
by Noreen Golfman

From the Belly of the Whale: Frye’s “Personal Encounter”
by Ross Woodman

The Annotated Bibliography of Canada’s Major Authors
by Robert Lecker and Jack David
D.G. Lochhead

The Year’s Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1981
by Mary Ann Jameson


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