Canadian Poetry Press
Volume No. 4 Spring/Summer 1979
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Volume No. 4 Spring/Summer 1979

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F.R. Scott
by Sandra Djwa

Masks of Criticism: A.J.M. Smith as Anthologist
by Eli Mandel

Margaret Avison: Power, Knowledge and the Language of Poetry
by J.M. Kertzer

A Delicate Balance: Craft in Raymond Souster’s Poetry
by Francis Mansbridge

“Out of the Pulver and the Polished Lens”: A.M. Klein as Wordsmith
by Linda Hutcheon and Alain Goldschlager

The Yeatsian Presence in A.J.M. Smith’s “Like an Old, Proud King in a Parable”
by I.S. MacLaren

Approaching P.K. Page’s “Arras”
by Constance Rooke

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Three Documents from F.R. Scott’s Personal Papers
Introductory Note by D.M.R. Bentley and Michael Gnarowski

Modern Poetry

F.R. Scott: Discussing Oxford Study Group on Christianity and Industrial Problems

Four of the Former Preview Editors: A Discussion


How New Was New Provinces?
by W.J. Keith

Some Recent Layton Items
by Patricia Keeney Smith

The Year’s Work in Canadian Poetry Studies: 1978
Compiled by Linda Dowler


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