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[3 blank pages] [unnumbered page, includes illustration: THE LOWER SLOPES BY GRANT ALLEN.] Of this edition 600 copies have been printed for England [unnumbered page] THE LOWER SLOPES REMINISCENCES OF EXCURSIONS ROUND THE BASE OF HELICON, UNDERTAKEN FOR THE MOST PART IN EARLY MANHOOD BY GRANT ALLEN. LONDON. ELKIN MATHEWS JOHN LANE   AT THE SIGN […]

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[10 illustrations] John F. McDonnell.    Hon. Joseph Howe. Mrs. J. C. Yule.     Alma Frances McCollum.     Mrs. Susanna Moodie. Grant Allen.     Charles Dawson Shanly.     Eric McKay Yeoman. [unnumbered page] A WREATH OF CANADIAN SONG CONTAINING BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES AND NUMEROUS SELECTIONS FROM DECEASED CANADIAN POETS By MRS. C. M. WHYTE-EDGAR TORONTO WILLIAM BRIGGS 1910 [unnumbered page] Copyright, […]