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HYMNS, AND SPIRITUAL SONGS. By HENRY ALLINE LATE MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL, FAIRMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA. FIRST EDITION With Editorial Emendations from THE SECOND and THIRD EDITIONS 1795 and 1797. LONDON: PRINTED at DOVER. [unnumbered page]  PREFACE. However chained down many may be by superstition and tradition, yet I doubt not but there are many such […]

[3 blank pages] [unnumbered page; includes illustration: Philéas Bédard, folk-singer, Saint-Rémi de Napierville, Quebec] FOLK-SONGS of OLD QUEBEC by Marius Barbeau Song Translations By REGINA LENORE SHOOLMAN Illustrations By ARTHUR LISMER DEPARTMENT OF MINES Hon. W. A. Gordon, Minster; Charles Camsell, Deputy Minister NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CANADA W. H. Collins, Acting Director Anthropological Series No. […]

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[blank page] THE WIDOW OF THE ROCK AND Other Poems. BY A LADY. [Blennerhassett, Margaret (Agnew)] Ne cherchez point, dan’ ce récit, L’esprit, le brillant, l’eloquence,— Je sens bien plus que Je le pense. (Demoustier) MONTREAL, E. V. SPARHAWK, PRINTER. 1824. [unnumbered page] [blank page] PREFACE The generosity already manifested by the public in so […]

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[blank page] The Harp of Canaan; OR SELECTIONS FROM THE POETS ON BIBLE HISTORICAL INCIDENTS. ARRANGED CHRONOLOGICALLY BY REV. J. DOUGLAS BORTHWICK, Author of “Cyclopaedia of History & Geography,” & “The British American Reader.” “I’ll sing, first in night’s diadem For ever, and for evermore THE STAR!—the STAR OF BETHLEHEM.” Montreal: RICHARD WORTHINGTON, GREAT ST. […]

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[blank page] AN ADDRESS, TO THE  LIEGE MEN OF EVERY  BRITISH COLONY AND  PROVINCE  IN THE WORLD,  BY A  FRIEND TO HIS SPECIES  [inscribed] Séminaire de Québec. 1864. KINGSTON: Printed at the Herald Office 1822 [unnumbered page] [blank page] To the Liege Men of every British Colony and Province in the world, the following Poem is […]

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[blank page]  MISCELLANEOUS POEMS MORAL & RELIGIOUS WRITTEN ON VARIOUS OCCASIONS BY Lydia Ann Appleton TORONTO: PRINTED AT THE “WATCHMAN” OFFICE, POST-OFFICE LANE. 1850 [unnumbered page] [blank page] PREFACE Many volumes of Poetry, written by authors whose talents are the honor and ornament of their country, are already before the public. With such productions, however, […]

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[blank page] PRO AND CON: A SATIRICO-POLITICAL DIALOGUE IN FAMILIAR RHYME: PARTLY IMITATED FROM THE LATIN OF HORACE, AND DEDICATED (WITHOUT PERMISSION) TO THE LATE GRAND JURY. Primum ego me illorum dederim quibus esse Poetas Excerpam numero: neque enim concludere versum Dixeris esse satis; neque, si quis scribat, uti nos, Sermoni propriora, putes hunc esse […]

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[4 blank pages] NOTHING TO YOU. [unnumbered page] [2 blank pages] [unnumbered page, includes illustration: Searching a lady’s band-boxes] NOTHING TO YOU; OR, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS; IN ANSWER TO “NOTHINGS” in general, and “NOTHING TO WEAR” in particular. BY KNOT-RAB. With Illustrations by J. H. Howard. NEW YORK: WILEY & HALSTED, No. 851 Broadway. […]

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[10 illustrations] John F. McDonnell.    Hon. Joseph Howe. Mrs. J. C. Yule.     Alma Frances McCollum.     Mrs. Susanna Moodie. Grant Allen.     Charles Dawson Shanly.     Eric McKay Yeoman. [unnumbered page] A WREATH OF CANADIAN SONG CONTAINING BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES AND NUMEROUS SELECTIONS FROM DECEASED CANADIAN POETS By MRS. C. M. WHYTE-EDGAR TORONTO WILLIAM BRIGGS 1910 [unnumbered page] Copyright, […]