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ADDITIONAL COPIES OF THIS CHAP-BOOK MAY BE PURCHASED FROM THE AUTHOR, JESSIE L. BEATTIE, BLAIR, ONTARIO. PRICE 75c. Published by THE RYERSON PRESS TORONTO. Copyright, Canada, 1931 By JESSIE L. BEATTIE. [handwritten: To Carl F. Klinck— Very Sincerely, Jessie L. Beattie.] [unnumbered page] Shifting Sails JESSIE L. BEATTIE THOUGHT I KNOW a stream which runs […]

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[2 blank pages] “And You!” By KIM BEATTIE [illustration] TORONTO: THE MACMILLAN COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED, AT ST. MARTIN’S HOUSE 1929 [unnumbered page] PRINTED IN CANADA T.H. BEST PRINTING CO., LIMITED TORONTO, ONT. [unnumbered page] To PETER [unnumbered page] I do not seek to stir an old stern sorrow Nor probe old wounds of grieving […]