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Vancouver Island AND OTHER POEMS Annie Ironside Cowan [unnumbered page] VANCOUVER ISLAND Vancouver—isle whose beauty thrills my heart,     Isle—that God’s hand has made “a thing apart”; He fused this gem superb, and set it fair     In Britain’s diadem to sparkle there. Thy huge upstanding firs, the towering might     Of […]

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[2 blank pages] A FAIRY’S GARLAND OF B.C. FLOWERS  BY DOROTHEA ALLISON [illustration] ILLUSTRATED BY janet— [unnumbered page] ERRATA A Fairy Enters—The first line should read: The A.B.C. I never knew Yellow Buttercups—The botanical name should read: Ranunculus Glaberimus Sunflowers—The botanical name should read: Balsamorrhiza Sagittata [unnumbered page]  PRINTED IN CANADA BY THE VERNON NEWS […]