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Thoughts by the Way. [unnumbered page] [blank page] THOUGHTS BY THE WAY. BY EDWARD COX. ————————— “O sweet! to stray an’ pensive ponder A heartfelt sang.”—Burns. ————————— Toronto: PRINTED BY C. BLACKETT ROBINSON, 5 JORDAN ST. 1886 [unnumbered page] [blank page] PREFACE. IT is not without some hesitation that I have ultimately yielded to the […]

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A Bouquet OF SONNETS FOR Thoughtful Moments. Copyrighted according to Act of Parliament. [unnumbered page] PREFACE. The following Sonnets are the fruits of “half-hour meditations” by the writer on the various themes dwelt upon.  They are all subjects worthy of an abler handling than my poor pen can give them, as the spare hours of […]

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[2 blank pages] [illustration] TO MY FRIENDS. Friends dead and gone—friends far and near— Friends tried and true—friends ever dear— Though sundered far, yet all are here— Close to my heart; And all along life’s rugged way, The smile of Friendship crowns the day, And hearts are young, tho’ heads be grey; Friends never part! […]