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[handwritten: illegible phrase] [blank page] LYRICS, SONGS AND SONNETS BY AMOS HENRY CHANDLER AND CHARLES PELHAM MULVANY [illustration] Toronto: HUNTER, ROSE & CO. —— MDCCCLXXX. [unnumbered page] [illustration] Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one thousand eight hundred and       Eighty, by HUNTER, ROSE & COMPANY, in […]

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[blank page] AN ADVENTURE WITH WOLVES. HUNTING ADVENTURES IN UTOPIA, AND OTHER POEMS. —BY A— PARRY SOUND SETTLER’S SON WRITTEN IN HIS 14th AND 15th YEAR.  RESPECTFULLY INSCRIBED TO JOHN DUNCAN, ESQ., Markham, Yonge St., near Richmond Hill. 1880 : Printed by Morton & Co., 3 and 5 Adelaide Street East, [unnumbered page] PREFACE.    […]

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CANADA, A SATIRE. BY ONE OF HER SONS “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark.” —Hamlet [unnumbered page] [blank page] CANADA,—A SATIRE Hail Canada! much govern’d, nigh undone, By heavy debts and railways, just begun, To tie thy scattered provinces together Like an interminable iron tether, Of thee I sing! nay rather let me […]