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ROGUES’ HOLLOW: A Satire. By ANKREM COUCH. [illustration] TORONTO: PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR. 1879. [unnumbered page] [blank page] PREFACE. That the pride and vanity of the petty aristocracy which flourishes in every place of any size throughout the land, has been carried beyond the bounds of propriety, and a large proportion of their actions beyond […]

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SONGS FROM THE VALLEY: OR The Valley of Vision, AND OTHER POEMS By Harriet Cole, Milton, Queen’s Co. HALIFAX, N.S. MESSENGER PRINTING OFFICE, 69 & 71 GRANVILLE ST. 1879. [unnumbered page] ERRATA LOCATION ERROR Page 15, 16.6 Inserted closing quotation mark. Page 18, 22.4 Corrected “overthere” to “over there” Page 85, 21.3 Corrected “or” to […]