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[blank page] POETRY OF THE HEART. [unnumbered page] [blank page] POETRY OF THE HEART; OR, THOUGHTS FROM THE SOUL: TOGETHER WITH VERSES ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS. BY R. A. CHAPLEIN. SAINT JOHN, N. B. PRINTED BY J. & A. McMILLAN. 1872. [unnumbered page] ERRATA LOCATION ERROR Page 18, Line 16.7 Woefully is written as ‘wofully.’ Page […]

Poetical Directory OF THE TOWN OF LINDSAY AND BUSINESS MEN OF THE SURROUNDING COUNTRY, BY A. G. CHURCHILL Lindsay: PRINTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE “CANADIAN POST.” 1872. [unnumbered page] LINDSAY. ___ See Seugog’s powerful waters flow     Through Lindsay Town, Ontario, And County of Victoria,     In British North America. Steamboats and […]