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[handwritten: 3 Epistola Poetica, [illegible word] by 7. Bowman, [illegible word] C. D. Mackinson, Corry, Frangie, New South Wales, Australia read, he believes, at Encænia, King’s College, Windsor, in 1864. Note.  from letter September 22, 1932] [inside front cover] EPISTOLA POETICA AD FAMILIAREM AUCTORE V. R. JOSEPHO H. CLINCH, A. M. E. COLL. REG. N. S. LATINE CONVERSA […]

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[blank page] AN ADDRESS, TO THE  LIEGE MEN OF EVERY  BRITISH COLONY AND  PROVINCE  IN THE WORLD,  BY A  FRIEND TO HIS SPECIES  [inscribed] Séminaire de Québec. 1864. KINGSTON: Printed at the Herald Office 1822 [unnumbered page] [blank page] To the Liege Men of every British Colony and Province in the world, the following Poem is […]