Post-Confederation Poets

Allen, Grant
Andress, Clara E.
Anonymous Author(s)
Beck, George Fairley
Bell, John Allison
Bellmore, Euphemia 
Bengough, J.W.
Bennett, Rev. Dr. James 
Blackadder, Edward
Blair, Rev. D. B.
Blair, John
Brooke, John 
Cameron, George Frederick
Crawford, Isabella Valancy
Harrison, Susie Frances
Imrie, John
Johnson, Emily Pauline
Machar, Agnes Maule
Sherman, Francis
Thomson, Edward William
Wetherald, Ethelwyn
Wicksteed, G. W.
Wilkins, Harriett Annie

That Far River: Selected Poems of Theodore Goodridge Roberts
Edited by Martin Ware

Hidden Rooms: Early Canadian Women Poets
Edited by Wanda Campbell

Later Canadian Poems
Edited by J. E. Wetherell

Confederation Voices
By John Coldwell Adams

Canadian Ballads, and Occasional Verses
By Thomas D’arcy McGee

Eos: An Epic of the Dawn, and Other Poems
By Nicholas Flood Davin