By Charles Sangster



“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”
     Cries the proud man at his board,
As he thinks upon his larder,
     With the choicest dainties stored;
“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”


     Grunts the gourmond by his side,
Till his sluggish soul is gladdened,
     And his bosom swells with pride.

“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”
     Shouts the toper o’er his glass;


“Here’s a health to Merry Christmas—
     Toast it quickly, ere it pass!”
“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”
     Shouts his friend with drunken glee,
Though to him this Merry Christmas


     Is a day of misery. [Page 178]

“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”
     Growls the miser o’er his gold,
As he counts the glowing treasures
     For which happiness was sold.


“Christmas, Merry Christmas?”
     Whispers conscience in his ear,
And he thinks of happier moments,
     And, perchance, he sheds a tear.

“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”


     Laughs the maiden in her mirth,
As she stands beside her mirror,
     The most artless one on earth.
“Christmas, Merry Christmas!”
     Sings her lover, with a smile,


As he takes the kiss of welcome,
     In the good old Christmas style.

“Christmas, Merry Christmas?”
     Asks the beggar, as he goes
On his daily round of sorrow,


     To rehearse his train of woes;
“Christmas, Merry Christmas?”
     Shrewdly asks his starving wife,
As mad hunger grasps her infant,
     And assails its parent’s life.


Yes, “Merry, Merry Christmas!”
     Shriek the suff’ring in despair,
“Merry Christmas to the Wealthy, [Page 179]
     Strangers to both Want and Care!”
“Yes, Merry, Merry Christmas!”


     Cries the Rich Man at his door,
While weak voices shriek around him:
     “Merry Christmas for the Poor!”

Ye favored Sons of Affluence!
     With Health and Plenty bless’d,


Think of the sick and suffering,
     The needy and distressed;
Turn not back, at this glad season,
     The beggar from your door,
For an open hand can ease the heart,


     And your charities insure
A blessing on your works, and bring
     A Merry Christmas to the Poor. [Page 179]