By Charles Sangster



     Not strictly orthodox; but brimming full
     Of the divinest meanings—good intents.
     Thoughts flash like starbeams through it, which if sown
     In man’s concentral heart, will overrule
     The earthliness of his nature; make him one


     With God and Heaven; and the elements
     Of his degenerate manhood purify;
     As gold by fire, or sin by God’s free-will.
     Read, mark and learn.  Extract herefrom the pearls,
               [Page 231]
     And leave the dross untouched.   Up through Infinity,


     And down through Hell, alike, behold the skill
     Of the bright mind that planned the genial tale.
     With him visit the infinitude of worlds,
Like him, in all thy acts let Love and Truth prevail. [Page 232]