To R. J. Shroyer, my partner in the project to edit early Canadian long poems of which this edition is a part, I owe a special debt and many thanks; his computing skills, his shrewd insights, and his unstintingly generous gifts of enthusiasm, advice and time have made the production of this volume and the series that surrounds it practically possible, intellectually engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable. I also owe debts and thanks to Michael Williams, Pamela Jeffery, Denise Heffron, David Kinahan, Kathy Navackas, Judith Catton, Susan Bailey, and, especially, Madeline Dezelak for their careful and patient work in researching, processing, and proofreading materials included in this edition. In addition, my gratitude is due to Richard Verr, The Manuscript Curator in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections at McGill University for furnishing me with copies of various items pertinent to The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay, to Lionel Adey of the University of Victoria for generously sharing with me his knowledge of English hymns, and to several colleagues at the University of Western Ontario and elsewhere -- E. J. Devereux, David Kaula, James Miller, Jim Snyder, and Ross Woodman--who have made comments and suggestions about Sangster's poem and this edition that have been very useful. But my final and deepest debt, as always, is to my wife and dearest friend Susan, who daily confirms the truth of the final line of The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay.