Editorial Emendations


These notes record all emendations in the present text to the first edition of The Emigrant. Each entry contains the reading of the present text before the "]" and the reading of the first edition after the "]". Thus "73 Goliath] Goliah" indicates that in line 73 of the poem the word "Goliah" in the first edition has been corrected to "Goliath" in the present text. Throughout the present text, double quotation marks have been placed around materials by John Hart that are quoted by the narrator and the double quotation marks surrounding quotations within these materials have been reduced to singles. In one instance, line 151, double quotation marks are already in place in the first edition to mark the conclusion of material quoted by the narrator.

16 "internal evidence";] "internal evidence;"

The Emigrant

The wavy line that appears in the space between the title and the opening verse paragraph of the poem in the first edition has been omitted in the present text.
73 Goliath ] Goliah
229  innuendo ] inuendo
409 read’; ] read";
508 "Liberty"; ] ’ "Liberty;"
559-87 The word Liberty has been enclosed in single quotation       marks throughout "Those whom business, fate, or folly...."
642 street-ballad ] street ballad
718 right, ] right;
757 head’; ] head;"
824 Nature ] nature