This edition would not exist if it were not for the assistance of the University of Western Ontario and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council who generously funded the editing project from which it stemmed and who continue to provide support for my teaching and research. To both I am deeply grateful.

My gratitude also goes to the staff of the Baldwin Room at the Toronto Reference Library and to the staff of the J.J. Talman Reg- ional Collection at the University of Western Ontario, particularly John Lutman and Theresa Regnier, for making available materials contained in this edition. For assistance with research on Newton and The Emigrant and for their computing expertise I owe great debts to Bethany Campbell, Jessica Coffey, Kim Edmondson, Michel Woods, and especially Gabrielle Zezulka-Mailloux. As always, my thanks also go to R.J. Shroyer and Gerard Stafleu for their help in making the Canadian Poetry Project run smoothly. Finally, and, again, as always, I thank my family, Susan, Michael, Simon, and Diana for their continuous support and affection.