There was a time I loved to gaze
    Upon thine eyes of deepest blue,
And fancied all their beaming rays,
    Were but thy pure soul shining through.

But fancy often points a way,
    Which calm reflection disapproves,
And reason brings a choicer lay,
    Than what the poet often loves.

Yet—while the wildness of my song
    Has freely caught thy list’ning ear,
’Twas rapture ever to prolong
    Such notes as thou wert pleased to hear.

And, SUSAN! I have thought that heart
    Was but the steady home of love— [Page 190]
A home that only could impart
    Such bliss as angels taste above.

Thy truth and candour—dare I say?—
    ’Mong females rarely to be found,
Were but the beings of a day,
    As void as echo’s mimic sound.

To blame, or even to accuse
    The shifting movements of thy soul,
Is not adapted to the muse—
    She feels an honest self-control—

For, oh! such notes suit not my lyre—
    It loves to yield its gentle string
In unison with joy’s desire,
    Brought forth on Zephyr’s airy wing.

The object of thy wav’ring care
    Seems purely worthy to be thine, [Page 191]
True Cambrian-like—then let him share
    The bliss I seek not to be mine.

A scarlet coat has many a charm,
    Both fish, and female hearts to gain—*
Attractive powers!—then dread no harm,
    The son of Mars will guard from pain!

Let talent hide her modest head—
    Let worth from scenes like this retire—
Let genius never dare to tread
    The field where woman stands umpire!

Unless in scarlet they be dressed—
    Instead of bays, a waving feather—
Then doubtless they will be caressed,
    And Su and they shall fly together. [Page 192]

* It is a well known fact, that not only silly girls are very fond of a red coat, but even mackerel are caught by the foulest bait when covered with scarlet. [back]