TO —— ——


On this rock’s narrow brink, which o’erlooks thy loved cot,
    I sit at the close of the day,
And watch the round moon just emerge o’er that spot
    Where the forest looks smiling and gay.

And surely ’tis sweet, in this moment of peace,
    From the world here shut out a while,
The scenes of my boyhood once more to retrace,
    Though seldom e’er blest with a smile.

And yet, I could wish to renew them again,
    Had I one faithful friend by my side,
That would freely partake of my pleasure or pain,
    And console me, whatever betide.

And oh! such a friend I could fancy in thee,
    With a soul of the happiest die, [Page 160]
Unruffled and pure, as that mirror I see
    Reflecting a summer-eve sky.

But here, on my flute, I shall venture to raise
    Those melodies, dearest, of thine,
Whose every note speaks the transport of days
    Which never again can be mine.

And oh! may its breathings, now softly drawn out,
    Be as softly conveyed to thine ear,
By the sweet fanning zephyrs, while sporting about,
    To tell thee Slievegallin is here. [Page 161]