Why should my heart forgetful be
    Of all thy gifts so freely given?
Why are my thoughts estranged from thee,
    Thou God of grace, thou King of heaven?

Oh! let me from my folly turn,
    Nor longer walk the path of death—
Teach me my errors now to mourn,
    And praise thee with my latest breath.

Too long, in wild poetic dreams,
    My heart has drunk delusive pleasure,
And on the falsely moving streams
    Of Fancy sought a dying treasure.

But, ah! how soon the vision flies,
    And mocks the bliss we sought for here— [Page 175]
Earth’s brightest joy in darkness dies,
    Nor leaves one hope the soul to cheer.

RELIGION! gives the soul relief,
    And points the way to purest bliss—
RELIGION! dries each tear of grief,
    And makes us e’en a heaven of this.

Then, pardon all my sinful deeds,
    And wash each blotting stain from me—
Oh! heal this wounded heart that bleeds,
    And bring it home to heaven and thee. [Page 176]